Confess the Fire is the third album of Melbourne band Autumnal.

Closely following 2012 release Hemisphere, Confess the Fire continues singer songwriter Richard Besley’s exploration of relationship turmoil but with a shift in theme from loss and loneliness to infatuation – life on ‘the rebound’. The new songs oscillate between fragile euphoria and exquisite pain.

“[Richard Besley's] songs resemble poems of painful reflection and are delivered as though he were a mate calmly pouring out his heart ….. atmospheric arrangements add to the emotion and mood, while breezy acoustic instrumentals serve to break up the intensity.....there is a great deal of beauty in his suffering.” The Sydney Morning Herald

Long time collaborator and producer Wez Prictor (Mick Harvey) has steered the sound away from Autumnal’s folk roots, shifting gears on the slow burn rock of Makes Me Happy and soaring power ballad Bamboozle. Less folk and more pop, this finely crafted record of catchy tunes is ultimately life affirming and uplifting.

Recorded by David McCluney (Nick Cave) at Altantis Sound it features Dave Beck (Mark Seymour) on drums and Joe Creighton (John Farnham) on bass.

Recommended tracks :          Makes Me Happy, Bamboozle, Confess the Fire