Hemisphere was reviewed by Paul Smith in today's Sydney Morning Herald. He gave it 3 and 1/2 stars. Here's an excerpt:

"[Singer songwriter Richard Besley's] songs resemble poems of painful reflection and are delivered as though he were a mate clamly pouring out his heart....gentle atmospheric arrangements add to the emotion and mood, while breezy acoustic instrumentals serve to break up the intensity...there is a great deal of beauty in his suffering."
We've just never been able to answer the question "who does Autumnal sound like?" According to Pandora's Genome Project, Autumnal sounds like The Saw Doctors, Joe Brooks, Matt Ellis and Gold leaves. We've never heard of these guys so I guess we've got some listening to do! Thanks Pandora...




Australian community radio has embraced Hemisphere. It’s getting played in all kinds of places – Portland (Solid Gold -33RPC), Armidale (the Long Walk Home – 2UNE), Kalgoolie (Tjuma Pulka), My Gambia (5GTR) etc etc share the love….

Autumnal has signed to Renegade Music Marketing for music lisencing in the US - YAY!
Hemisphere has been added to Pandora, biggest internet radio in the world with 30 million uses. For those of you not familiar with Pandora, it tailors an individual radio station for each user based on your preferences. So they are analysing Hemisphere to work who will like it and then start playing them tracks - cool hey!
Autumnal was back in the studio in June laying down tracks for a new record. The vibe is a bit rockier. We've got a new rhythm section with Danny Finkelstein on drums and Tim Chambers on bass. Wez is back in the producers chair : )